Hydration Tips: the Importance of Staying Hydrated from a Dietitian

With the weather being at its peak temperature for many of us, it is very important to keep up with your hydration and utilize hydration tips.  Hot and humid weather can cause many of us to sweat and lose electrolytes, which will lead to dehydration if not it is not replenished quickly enough. Water is [...]

Healthy Snacks: A 5 Step How-To Guide

Learning how to build healthy snacks is important for your overall health! Snacks help to keep us full throughout the day, balance our blood sugar levels, and prevent overeating later on in the day. But have you ever been in a grocery store and felt overwhelmed by all of the snack options? Have you struggled [...]

Balanced Eating While Traveling: 4 Tips That Can Help

Traveling for a vacation or business conference can often lead to feelings of stress or being overwhelmed over what types of food to eat and what you will have access to. However, traveling is supposed to be exciting and food can be a memorable part of the trip!  In this article, I will be going [...]

Is Cold Brew Coffee Better for You?

Hot Coffee - Iced Coffee - Cold brew . . . what is the difference? So to begin, lets talk about the science. Recent studies have come out showing the health benefits of drinking coffee and its effects on cardiovascular health. A lot of the research shows coffee helping to decrease heart disease, decrease [...]

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