Creating a structure and a routine for you and your kids over the summer months can have great benefits for the whole family.

Does creating a routine during the summer seem stressful & overwhelming?

Trust me, I know how easy it is to throw a schedule out the door when summer break starts. 

But this may have consequences! You lose focus on all the things you’ve worked on throughout the year, including the balance you’ve created in your life, and your kids’ lives.

Scientific studies have even shown that when the structure is put in place, people have a greater chance of sticking to lifestyle changes and habits.

So, let’s talk about the importance of creating a structure for you and your family this summer and some tips that I’ve found helpful.

Why Is Structure Important?

Stress increases for parents when school is out, and some of this is due to the lack of schedule and structure in everyone’s life. 

The chaos begins with kids home all day, camps and vacations, and endless pool time (which is all SO fun!).

But we all can benefit from having a schedule of some kind in place. Having a routine in place will help both you and your kids stay focused during the summer months.

Let me be clear, that doesn’t mean planning every minute of every day. What it DOES mean is having some idea of what will happen each day that week.

Don’t worry- having structure does not need to be as complicated as you may think! You can follow these tips below that have worked for me & my family, as well as my clients.

Tips for Creating Structure 

  • Plan your workouts ahead of time each week. 
    • Schedule them into your planner and make them a non-negotiable! 
    • You may need to start early morning workouts to ensure they get done.
  • Look ahead and see what days you will try to do a playdate at a friend’s house, have kids over for playdates and pool days, and hire a babysitter to give you some time.
  • Involve your kids in the planning! You would be surprised how much they like to give input & it makes them feel as if they have a say too.
  • Have a general morning and night routine in place that you can do consistently. 
  • Consider a summer camp program that is educational or involves physical activity. This gives you some more time during the day & keeps kids engaged!
  • Even though structure is important, part of a good routine is flexibility! Make sure to leave room for “flex days” or days where things just might not go as planned. 

Use these tips above to help you build a foundation and balanced routine for yourself and your family this summer!

The Takeaway

If you’re feeling like your stress levels are high or the kiddos are misbehaving, think back to the structure you all are used to during the school year and how that is different at home.

Try to implement habits and activities that feel familiar and work well for you and your family.

I know parenting and keeping a routine during the summer months can be challenging, but it is well worth it to create a sense of structure in your life! For both you and your kiddos.